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Hunaman by Bannu Dudhat

Detail from Hanuman painting by Bhanu Dudhat

  • Looks awesome! Well done and congratulations on the first issue.

    Eddie Stern

  • Stay tuned for issue #2 of Sutra. The first issue was so rich I'm still trying to finish reading it. Much to learn, much to ponder

    Phil Goldberg

  • Honored to be interviewed for the first edition of Sutra Journal, the long-awaited response to light weight yoga mags.

    Anneke Lucas

  • An honor and a joy to be a part of this sacred and generous offering to the world. Thank you

    Molly Birkholm

  • What I like the most is the collection of the photos. OMG, they are mind-blowing. Every single person I have talked with has first complimented on the images.

    Dr. Sthaneshwar Timalsina

  • I am honored to join this wonderful project! May many be uplifted!

    Dr. Stuart Sovatsky

  • It is an honor to see my article on the Role of Devotion in Yoga included in the first issue of this extraordinary new monthly journal. My thanks to Lea and all the co-founders and editors who have created the Sutra Journal as an exemplary beacon of high caliber scholarship and advanced spiritual knowledge! Pranams to all proponents of Dharma!

    Bill Barry

  • Sutra Journal is one of the most awesome things to happen in recent memory.

    Dr. Jeffery D. Long

  • It is an honour to be among the August company of writers on Indology, the arts, philosophy and the like. So many scholars of art writing in this journal with fantastic visuals makes it a treat. After Ananda Coomaraswamy and a few other like Stella Kramrisch and Kapila Vatsyayan and C Sivaramamurthy in India I thought writing on Indian art is going to become rare. Sutra (reminds me of Chitrasutra from the Vishnudharmottara) fills a huge vacuum. Will look forward to Sutra

    Keshav Venkataraghavan

  • I love this new offering and look forward to it become a steadfast wellspring within the community.

    Dr. Richard Miller

  • Sutra Journal is a beautiful new online magazine.

    read full review in Fritjof Capra's blog

    Dr. Fritjof Capra

  • I am amazed at the type of work Sutra Journal has produced.

    Jawhar Sircar, CEO Prasar Bharati

We hope you enjoy Sutra Journal, and walk through the door to the (inner) Sun... OM

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