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Tibet's Secret Temple: Body, Mind and Meditation in Tantric Buddhism

January, 2016

Beyul are places where the physical and spiritual worlds are said to intersect and where meditative and yogic practices are said to be most effective. Located in remote regions of the Himalayan mountain range, beyul are also places known for their extraordinary bio-diversity and physical beauty. The biggest lesson that I learned from staying for extended periods in several such hidden-lands is that wild and untamed landscapes can open us to dimensions of experience that are often overlooked in more tempered read more

Yoga Meditation

July, 2016

In the beginning there was only the one yoga, sometimes referred to as Maha Yoga, the great yoga. Before the one greater yoga broke apart into small factions, Hatha Yoga was the physical school through which all yogis had to pass. read more

Tantra and the West

October, 2015

Tantra in the Western imagination stands for exotic and orgasmic rituals coming from India and Tibet that blend sex and meditation. Tantric practice is often compared with pagan animistic rituals that include blood and sex, and the supernatural powers described in Tantric texts are often compared with magic. This does not mean that Tantra has always been painted positively in its homeland. For most native Indians... read more

Manifesting Shakti: Five Elements Yantra Guide

July, 2016

A step-by-step instruction to create a simple yantra suitable for use with the Five Elements Meditation (Tattva Shuddhi). read more

Developing a Continuity of Practice

August, 2015

Most of us reading this journal are more or less engaged in a spiritual practice, such as meditation, which as it becomes a daily practice is formally called sadhana. However, despite the best of intentions, there is often dramatic variations of clarity over the days, such that sometimes it is just like starting again from scratch. I will share some tips to better carry forth a momentum from one sitting to the next, and in the process develop a greater integration... read more

Radiance Sutras: Where Body Meets Infinity

February, 2016

The Vijnana Bhairava Tantra is a classic meditation text that describes 112 doorways for entering divine awareness right here in the midst of everyday life. Lorin was introduced to the Vijnana Bhairava Tantra in 1968 while working in a physiology lab at the University of California that was doing research on meditation. It was love at first listening, a love that continues to this day, this moment. read more

A Conversation with Chogyal Rinpoche (podcast)

January, 2016

Chogyal Rinpoche was born in Nepal in 1985. At the age of five, he entered into monastic life at Rumtek Monastery, founded by the 16th Karmapa. He earned a Khenpo degree in Buddhist Philosophy and spent many years studying meditation and Vajrayana ritual practice. Today, he travels the worldteaching Buddhist philosophy and meditation and helping others through non-profit organizations he founded, such as the Sertshang Orphanage Home in Kathmandu, the Music Academy for underprivileged children in Indi read more

The Flowering of Freedom: The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali - Part Four

March, 2016

In this chapter, Richard Miller presents further six sutras from Patañjali's YS, which differentiate ever subtler states of meditation that enable us to go beyond what normally binds attention (prakṛti), in order to attain a glimpse of Essential Nature (puruṣa) and the flowering of freedom from suffering. read more

Tibet's Secret Temple - Image Gallery

January, 2016

Ian Baker is the curator of Wellcome Collection’s major winter exhibition, ‘Tibet’s Secret Temple’, which uncovers the mysteries of Tantric Buddhism and the rich history of its yogic and meditation practices. Taking inspiration from a series of intricate murals that adorn the walls of the Lukhang Temple in Lhasa, Tibet, the exhibition showcases over 120 outstanding objects from collections around the world that illuminate the secrets of the temple, once used exclusively by Tibet’s Dalai Lama. read more

Consciousness: The Ultimate Reality

May, 2016

Mathematics is the golden key to communicable truth of reality of the natural world-maybe even beyond our limited bandwidth. The key to non-communicable truth is the mystic experience through yoga and meditation. read more

Sally Kempton (podcast)

December, 2015

Sally Kempton was a well-known journalist in the early 1970s when she met Swami Muktananda and began working closely with him. She was initiated into the Saraswati order of monks and taught in the Siddha Yoga lineage as Swami Durgananda for 20 years. After leaving the monastic life in 2002, she became a highly popular teacher, workshop leader and author whose books include Meditation for the Love of It, Awakening Shakti and Doorways to the Infinite. We spoke about her fascinating life and work... read more

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